2000ad art comp. Rogue Trooper by james newell


Day Seventeen of the Pub Scrawl Challenge – The Final Boss! by james newell


Pat Mills theme 2000ad comp.

my entry for the July 2000ad art comp. got third place which is not to shabby!Mills Ip Suite

meanmachine angel from 2000ad, by james newell


ABC Warriors- The Ballad of Tubal Cain. Written by Lee Robson. Art by James Newell.

this month sees the release of ZARJAZ 28 with a 8 page strip myself and writer Lee Robson produced, and I have to say I loved every minute of working on Lee’s strip, you can read an artical about the work by Lee over here, and you can pick up an issue at Futurequake

2000AD is Forty

this was my entry for the 2000ad forum February art competition , check out the winners here:


Millerworld comp. submission

some panels from my Millerworld competition submission,
my full entry here: http://forums.millarworld.tv/t/millarworld-annual-2017-artist-submission-thread/7737/513

other entries here: http://forums.millarworld.tv/t/millarworld-annual-2017-artist-submission-thread/7737

Rogue Trooper’s Birthday this month!

my entry for this months 2000ad foram art comp

Day Seventeen of the Pub Scrawl Challenge – The Final Boss!

Day Seventeen – THE FINAL BOSS!!

31 Day Drawing Challenge JUL 2016

31 Day Drawing Challenge JUL 2016 is well  under way ay the following link, sure join us